StarterContent "T_Fire_subUV_01.TGA" can't browse to it

I am looking at the StarterContent

I am trying to track down the T_Fire_subUV_01.TGA that is being sourced in the P_Fire particleSystem. I want to open it in Photoshop. The closest I have got to it in explorer is T_Fire_SubUV.uasset

Is it possable to see this .TGA image or is it packaged in such a way that makes it imposable to access.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

To export out the actual image just go to the asset in the Content Browser, right click on it and choose “Asset Actions → Export” and you will be asked to provide a folder location on your hard drive.

Note - This process has changed slightly recently, here are both ways for reference.

Version 4.5.1 and before use:
Right click → Export

Version 4.6 and above:
Right click → Asset Actions → Export

You can do this with any asset that was originally created outside of the engine. Static/Skeletal meshes, textures, animations & audio for example (among others) can be exported the same way, it will save the file in the same format as the original imported file.

Hope that helps!