Starter with a Dream..

Hello, I am 24 years old I usually have available 4 hrs a day(except weekends when i can be all the time) I coded a few games on BYOND years back which is a simple language I am told, I wanted to know what my chances are on Unreal I have many ideas for games but Mainly I want to focus on mobile games first, a RTS game for starters, I have no team at the moment Would it be possible for me to learn Unreal and create my desired game if so how long would you guys think it will take?

It’s not a crazy game, but starting from 0 is still a challenge since it will take you a long time to learn things, probably a few years.

Starting as a beginner, try to avoid projects that require online networking or advanced AI for enemies.

Hi Geo5torm,
How it goes with Mobile RTS?