starter content mostly gone

New guy here trying to decide whether to go with unity or unreal. I’m checking it out and doing some tutorials, so far it’s pretty cool but some how most of the starter content is gone. When i start a new project with starter content just a few items show up (the chairs and a couple walls). I’m not sure what happened but the program froze after my windows 10 machine went to screen saver and now most of the content is gone

Any ideas what happened?


Not sure why the stuff disappeared but you should at least be able to re-download it from the launcher.

do you mean download from marketplace then add it to your project from the library? if so i couldn’t find “starter content” there, maybe under a different name?

Nah, look in the learn tab. Oh, and you can also re-add to your project by using the ‘add new’ dropdown in the Content browser - f0f03ea2e1bef59b71b7f098ca7fae7f.png

thanks… i’ll give it a shot

no luck, i use to get the top image and now i’m getting the lower. I even uninstalled and re-installed the program. any ideas what i’m doing wrong? i’m sure its just a beginner thing but it doesn’t make sense.

You need to go to the map folder and switch to that other scene.

got it. maps and levels? ok, i guess it’ll make sense at some point