Starter Content is missing

I don’t know how it happened but I cannot find the starter content anywhere. Please someone help me. I seriously don’t know what happened. I did not delete any files but now they are missing. Thank you.

When you create a new project you need to select the option to say with Starter Content. This is the easiest way to get in your project. You could try to copy it manually … but this might not be as effective.

Hi WilShaffner thanks for your post,
If your project is 4.7.0 or above you can add the starter content feature pack which will add everything that would have been included if you had selected “with starter content” on creation. In the content browser there is a green button that says add new. click that button to show the add new menu. the first thing listed in this menu is “add feature of content pack”. Click this button and a window will pop up with three tabs, Blueprint feature, c++ feature, and Content Pack. select the third option and choose if you want the mobile or desktop content (mobile is modified to be more efficient for mobile platforms). Finally click “add to project” and the files will be added to your project. after that they should be ready to use.

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Yeah. I saw in another post that I have to add starter content after inside the project. Thanks though.