Starter Content for Projects - How do I find and view scripts / code in Blueprints and Actors?

This is my first forum thread post, so I can’t tell if this is the right place.

I am exploring Unreal Engine 4 as I am a newbie and want to learn the engine to continue a Udemy course on programming games using the engine and C++. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to view the actual C++ code the Blueprints and Actors use in the starter content of some demo projects I created to get a glimpse of what classes, structs, functions and other programming details I would be using.

Suppose that I have the starter content of a 2D side scroller like so:

I can open up the Blueprint of this 2D human character that’s in the Game Viewport as so:

However, what I’m looking for is the actual script code the human character uses to listen to events and handle some logic, not the Event Graph. Is there a way to open the code?

The C++ source should be under the install directory of the engine.
Such as : C:\EpicGames\UE_4.16\Engine\Source

I’m not quite sure if the example given is what I’m looking for.

You know in Unity, when you have a project, you usually define a Scripts folder, and write and put your scripts there, then attach them as components to game objects? I’m wondering if it’s the same case with these actors I’m loading into these demo projects I set up, as I want to see the actual behavior code for these actors. It’s not the code for the engine itself I want to see.

Maybe I’m not understanding this? Remember, I’m so new to this engine.

Hi, im new as well with the exact same problem. Im coming from unity and want to see how the starter content is implemented so i can get an understanding on how things work.
But i just can’t open the c++ implementation. I can see all the shiny pointy clicky and managed to open the header files (small link in the top right of the blueprint edit screen) but thats it…
The tutorial teaches how to create new classes but not how to open existing stuff.

Do i just have the wrong mindset or are those classes closed source or something?