Started with Skyrim again: Need your option about "In Time Of My Needs"

In the quest “In Time Of My Needs” I have the choise of either assassinate Saadia in Whiterun and GET 500 gold, or help her by USING 100 gold to get out a prisoner. What did you (or would do) do when you played Skyrim? I read the story about Saaida and figured out that she was banned from her homeland (Hammerfell) by speaking against her lord or something (nice attitude) and betraying her noble family, all through I dont know what she said. Ive finished “Bleak Falls Barrow”, “Dragon Rising”, “Way Of The Voice” and the “The Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller” quests so far. UPDATE: I sendt her away, after figured out that she betrayed her noble family.

I did the same as you. =P

I always help her, killing those Redguards in cave is more fun. Also they perfectly on way to early story mission and companions. So i usually do all 3 of them in one loop.
Also those Redguards annoy me more than Sadia, they constantly harass some poor women on the roads.
And in Skyrim every npc that mentions arows knees or sky district gets fast arrow or dagger in the back.

Only exception is that courier there is one mod on steam works that makes him non essential, but steam workshop messes skyrim install.