Started to use UE, some problems, some questions.

Hi guys,

Few days ago I started to try UE and I kind of stuck about some issues I can’t figure out.

I’m try to make a ArchViz project, so I prepare some mesh in max and export it in fbx with adding a new uv channel for the lightmap (box unwrap with flatten uv and a small scale to avoid any overlap on the edge).
I imported all these static meshs without problems and now, when I try to set up my lighting, I’ve got some problems.

Into the project there is an AtmosphericFog, a DirectLight, one SphereReflectionCapture and a LightmassImportanceVolume.
All walls have a 1024x1024 lightmap resolution.

(I can’t upload the picture on the post so, here is some links)

Project with M_Basic_Wall material
Looks “ok” but interior walls are really darker than the floor. The floor shouldn’t be a gradient from white to the same grey of the walls?

Project with a custom concrete material
Same material on every mesh added and same as the previous picture, the interior walls are darker.

Projecct with a skylight actor
And now, the scene is blueish and always a darker material on the interior walls (with a strange thing on some walls).
In this picture, we can also see that the ceiling hadnt’ the blue tint problem.
I can put the Affects World option off on the Skylight and the blue tint disappear or change the light color (dont know what’s the better option) but the material is still darker on the walls than the floor.

My project need more bounce (into world lightmass settings, or into directionallight settings or into skylight settings ?)

I hope some of you can help me and give some advices.
Sorry for my english, it isn’t my native language. :slight_smile:

See you guys !