Started making Music soundtracks

Let me know what you guys think! Also - If anyone would like to work with me on a game let me know. I can do sound effects, a few voices, as well as game design (Rule settings, balancing, QA, and Project management as well.) Decided its time to pursue my dreams and not just think about it so here is my music and a couple voices.

Would love to work with a game that has direction that i can make the music with emotions and setting in mind. expanding my variety and skill with a project would be great! Thanks for reading!!!

Just wanted to say I thought those really sound great. Nice job! Some of the voice work reminds me a bit of the original Broken Sword games. Really enjoyed the music as well.

I didn’t know if it would help, but you might be able to find some people to work with on a website like At least on the 3D modeling side of things, there are quite a few small companies and indie developers that post long-term game project jobs on there, so you might be able to find some sound design jobs on there as well: Audio Production Jobs | Upwork™

Hope you’re able to find some people to work with :slight_smile:

Your projects look amazing! Thank you for the pointer as well def will check it out!

Added more music.

Sorry it took a little while to respond, but you’re welcome and thanks! I can imagine those new tracks working well in a game as well.