Start with UE4 from scratch ?It's a good idead to start with it?

Hi to all …sorry in advance for my noob question but I’m starting to learn udk these days and I have bought several tutorials from digital tutors ,3d motive and eat3d…

but now I have a question regarding is or not a good idea to start to learn udk now due UE4 is out …

About that I want to ask if is a good idea to concetrate my learnig directly to udk or if is useful and propedeutical learn udk first…

From waht I know basi matinee, cascade principles are the same riight?

so I probably would use my cascade and matinee tutorials to learn useful things for UE4 too…right??

Definitively …is a good idea to start leanr ue4 from scratch today or I miss something if I dont know udk??

thank in advance and sorry for my bad english

Howdy JC LEON,

I would highly recommend giving UE4 a shot. It is fairly cheap and has a lot of useful tools to help you in your learning process. There are YouTube videos, our wiki page, and countless other sites and information hubs that will help you during your learning of the Engine.

Say you pay the first month to acquire UE4 and feel as though you are still having trouble, we allow users to cancel their subscriptions and still be able to use the Engine. You wont be able to get updates or download any Marketplace items, but this will give you some time to learn the Engine and become familiar with it. A little UDK knowledge is always helpful but is not necessary. I started UE4 with no prior experience in UDK and have been able to learn so much in just a couple of months just by watching tutorials and being hands on.

All in all, I would say give UE4 a shot. Also, be sure that your PC specs meet our Recommended Specification found here: Hardware and Software Specifications | Unreal Engine Documentation. This will provide the best possible experience when using UE4.

Thanks and have a great day!


Just like Sean said, I also highly recommend starting with UE4. All those tutorials you bought are never a waste. Watching those tutorials (materials, matinee, cascade etc) you can recreate most of them in UE4. Besides UE4 support is huge. If you hit a dead end, this community (including UE4 developers!) is always here to help you out. :slight_smile:

I’ve been an avid UDK user but now i only use UE4 and trust me, UE4 is far far superior and powerful and easy to work with. Even though UDK knowledge is always good its not required. You can easily create games with Blueprints if you dont like C++ or if you are an experienced C++ programmer you can even modify the engine to suit your needs or integrate other middlewares!

So in short…Go with Unreal Engine 4. :smiley:

thansk to both for your sincerly and exaustives answers…
I really want to give a try to UE4 and $20/m is not a problem to me…
I’m looking for hourances solus project tutorial abut now I’m learning from world of level design tutorials and bought UDK 11 Day Level Design

can you think this book/tutorial can help me too in fuction of my imminent UE4 engine upgrade/passage=???

thanks again

Am pretty sure it will help you because even though UE4 is a brand new engine the core basics remain the same. There are also a lot of tutorials out there in YouTube and Epic wiki.

If it ain’t a problem i suggest to keep your subscription and get updates. It will also help Epic. :slight_smile:

ok I have my subscription and I downlaoaded UE4 and all stuffs o marketplace but how can I do to launch an example project??

when I click on a casual project I downlaoded UE 4 ask me If I want to create a project but after I made that…I cannot see the project into my project browser…must I do something I’m missing??


Howdy JC LEON,

I am just a bit confused on what you are asking exactly. Are you attempting to load up a project that you have been working on or a project that you have downloaded from the Marketplace?

If it is a previously worked on project, you should be able to find it by either going into your library, found here:

or by launching the engine:

With both of those routes, you should be able to find all of your projects, whether they be from marketplace downloads or from previously worked on projects. Be sure that you are saving your projects so that you may reference them in the future. If you find that this information does not solve your issue, please let me know so i can further assist you. You can also place any questions on our AnswerHub, found here:

Let me know if this helps any! Have a great day!

You can try following the instructions at Get Started with UE4 | Unreal Engine Documentation It walks you through the basics. There are also video tutorials at that can be very helpful. I suggest starting with

UE4 Editor Tutorial
UE4 Level Creation Tutorials
Blueprint 3rd Person Game Creation

All are near the bottom of the youtube link

Sean & jCoder thanks to both…I solved and now I can watch and use my vault assets…
thanks again…

I’m having some trouble to find th rigght way to follow tutorials …I’m a bit lost …It would be great if Epic can make a sequential list to follow and learn from basic to advanced…