Start walking, stop walking

I’ve just downloaded a start walking and a stop walking animation form Mixamo but I don’t kown how to add these animations before and after the walking animation.

Hopefully someone can help me.

(I’m German if I wrote something wrong I’m sorry)

I actually never thought about this, but this is how I probably would do

  1. Have the default idle-walk-run blend space as walk-run
  2. In the state machine set the default state to idle instead of the idle-walk-run
  3. Then drag the animations into the state machine
  4. From idle to walk, check if velocity is >100
  5. From walk to idle, check if velocity is <100
  6. Now add the walk-run blend space
  7. Then drag from the animations to it and the booleans check if time remaining <0.2

Hopefully this helped, cheers :slight_smile:

It helped me, thanks!