Start Voice Chat Muted

Is there a way to start voice chat already muted? I tried muting players or remove all registered remote talkers at beginplays, but there’s still 1 sec in the beginning that you hear all the voice chat from other players. I also notice that I have to mute repeatedly in the first few seconds, as the OOS seems to be fighting me and automatically unmuting in the start of the game.

The workaround I’m using right now is to set volume of the Voice Audio class to zero at begin plays and then fade in after these few seconds. However, I’m concerned that voice data is still being sent over the network at the start and could become a problem as the game gets larger.

Have you add to DefaultGame.ini:


Yes I already have that line, but that only affects you the current player. If someone else is already talking (or pushing to talk), they will be heard. So the problem is not that you are heard or not, it’s that other people already talking before you join are heard by you for 1 sec, which if you happen to join a crowded game, can be a sudden flood of voices.

I am not sure how players do join in your game but maybe creating proximity voice chat would be other soluton. So only does who are close to the player would be heard.
There are probably much more solutions. This is only things that I come up with. I wish to be better help.

Yes they have proximity voice chat already. This question is asked partly because there seems to be a bug that prevents attenuation working with newly joined players here: VOIP Attenuation Not Working for New Join-In-Progress Players - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums
(so I am attempting to start all voice chat muted to avoid that initial blast of voices).