Start-up Throwing Errors

I’ve been trying to get the ARK Dev Kit to work for nearly 5 days now. I’ve downloaded it from the steam Tools section, I’ve installed Unreal Engine 4 and went to the GitHub like many videos tell me to do and still cannot figure out what is wrong. I’ve verified all the files and it looks to me like it can’t find some lighting files or something. It wont let me scroll or view the rest of those error codes. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

probably nothing your doing, you have a light function error. press “Verify” and wait … should resolve. Welcome to ADK !

Almost every video is out of date in relation to the Dev Kit. Ignore the Steam download for the DevKit. It should only be obtained from the Epic Games Launcher. Ignore anything to do with GitHub for the time being, it is not needed to use the DevKit, only for manual updating and on the odd occasion that an update is broken and WC update the binaries alone and inform us here so they can be sure the fix works before releasing it to the Launcher.

If the DevKit will not start and you’ve run the Launcher file verification, perform a clean install of the DevKit just to be sure nothing has gone screwy from your attempts with the second DevKit install and replacing binaries from GitHub.