Start up parameters

Hello there,

since few weeks i’m not able anymore to use the -AUTH_TYPE=epic Parameter for starting satisfactory.
It starts the game and i can play, but my EpicAccount won’t be used ingame so any multiplayer features are impossible to use.

The EpicLauncher itself uses -AUTH_TYPE=exchangecode, which works perfectly, starting the game by the EpicLauncer authenticates my EpicAccount ingame.
However starting the game by my own created shortcut to the Satisfactory EXE file won’t anymore.
I guess i’m not able to use -AUTH_TYPE=exchangecode, since the code is different every time, so not suitable for a static link.

This leads me to my actual question: Has -AUTH_TYPE=epic been blocked recently? Or is it depending on the game (in this case satisfactory) itself? Are there alternative parameters to use?

Additional Informations:

  • Link to “<InstallDir>\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame.exe”

  • Parameters:

  • -AUTH_LOGIN=<MyMail>


  • -AUTH_TYPE=epic

  • -epicapp=CrabEA

  • -epicenv=Prod

  • -EpicPortal

  • -epicusername="<MyName>"

  • -epicuserid=<MyUUID>

  • -epiclocale=de

  • Returned error (Satisfactory log): - Sorry your client is not allowed to use the grant type password - 1015

See also:

Yes staring by EpicLauncher works, yes starting by such external shortcut worked few weeks ago and yes simply using the EpicLauncher itself is a perfect workaround, but not a solution for my problem.

Looking forward for any useful hints,