Start Up Movies not displaying


I have added a movie to the start up (Project Settings > Movies > Startup Movies) but this does not ever start when running through the exe or within the editor. Should be adding this eleswharer?

I’m using version 4.61 and ensured the movie is present in the Content > Movies folder.


Enable “wait for movies to complete” in the project settings :slight_smile: + which type of video file do you use?

There is actually a bug in version 4.6.1 that either won’t play the movie, will play 3 seconds and then skip it, or will crash the engine. I have not seen any updates on this recently, but I would try downloading 4.7 preview 2 (make a copy of your project for backup!) then convert it to the new version, then try again.

What format is your video, is it encoded in h.264? If not try encoding it with that format as it fixed at least one user’s issue on AnswerHub.

I will edit this post with some more info on this if I can find it again, but this issue has been reported and reproduced internally by Epic a few weeks ago.

EDIT: Here is the latest update from Sean Gribben on December 22nd, it appears to be fixed in version 4.7:

Here is the discussion going on, seems this was a problem in version 4.5 as well: Startup Movies Not Working - 4.5 - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanks - I am not encode any specific codec, the file is a mp4 format file with H264 codec.

Sometime ago there was another user with a similar problem. He shared his video and the problem was that looks like unreal engine (until 4.5.1 at least) doesn’t want to replay videos other than 720p ones. That video was 1080p and was directly ignored by the engine.
Don’t know if maybe it’s the same problem you’re having… hopefully yes and you can just fix it by reencoding it at different resolution instead.

well thank you very much that solved it for me :smiley: