Start-Up Movie Requirements Clarification

I’ve truly read all the forum entires regarding Start-Up movie requirements and the suggested specifications are literally all over the place.

I’ve tried everything: all suggested sizes, MP4 in the Movies folder and have had 0 luck.

Can anyone please clarify, precisely, how to insert a Start-up Video with UE 4.14 that will actually play at the launch of the game?

I don’t understand why the system is so finicky about this!

Surely there must be some official sort of guidelines or documentation regarding this…

Can I get an update on this please?

It’s been 10 days…

Does Unreal 4 no longer provide support for UE 4.14?

Hi! I’ve waited a month now for support on this.

Have you setup the project to load the movie? Just being in the movies folder won’t start the video on start up you have to set which movie to play

To set the startup movie go into your project settings and then click on “Movies” there you will see the startup movie options and the ability to add them to an array:

Hello Black!

Yes I tried all this actually. Thank you though.
I’m under the impression something in the audio or video codec isn’t correct but sadly Unreal doesn’t seem to know exactly what specifications to use.

Yes, I’ve indicated that but it still won’t play.

I don’t know what platform you are targeting with your game or if it makes a difference but in the past we have used the following settings for video compression for xbox 360 and PC games:
MP4 at a resolution of 1920x1080, Video codec - SMPTE 421M (or VC-1) bitrate of 8000 & 6000 Kbps as well as MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), Audio codec - WMA Pro and also AAC - bitrate of 384 Kbps. Original files were converted from .avi to .mp4(s) or .mp4’s, you know what I mean…I can’t recall if we had specific length or size limitations but I know for sure they were over 60 seconds long and some were around 45-60MB, if that helps.

, what platform are you developing for?