Start Position is not working with cached pose

Hi All,

I ran into a problem with cached poses and Start Position functionality in animations and blendspaces. I have created an example Anim Blueprint to illustrate an issue.

IsTestJump bool is changed by a random timer, from false to true and vice verse. As a result, I am constantly switching from True Pose to False Pose.
CB_anim_stop_to_jump_front is just a looped animation with Start Position set to 0.3.
Blend Poses by bool has Reset Child on Activation set to true.

The issue
Animation (or blendspace) is NOT starting from Start Position if it is used via cached pose (Setup #1).
It is reinitializing successfully only if cached pose is not used (Setup #2).

Setup #1

In this case animation (CB_anim…) restarts from 0.3 every time. Everything works fine.

Setup #2


In this setup, animation continues from the same frame where it was ended. Start Position works only for the first time (because start position is already set to the correct one on BeginPlay or constructor). Looks like animation has no idea about Reset Child on Activation option that was set true in Blend Pose by bool.

So, the only difference is that in the second setup I have used cached pose, but Start Position is not working as expected.

Any ideas? How can it be fixed? (I can create a custom blend space code, but I would like to find a better solution)

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Oh my! I can’t believe this bug still exists, I call it a bug because it leaves the whole point of animating useless.