Start PIE play with the selected player start

is there already a way to do this? Say I have where my player start normally should be on a given level, but I want to test another area so I place a player start there, have it selected, but If i hit play there’s a 1 in 40 chance I’ll get the player to start where I wanted because PIE play doesn’t cycle through the 7 player starts I have or even start me at the one I have selected, it’ll just randomly select one. So if I have 7 player starts it wont even cycle through each one, it’ll randomly select one.

If I understand what you want… The ‘Play’ menu has an option to let you use the current camera position to spawn. So using that in conjunction with ‘Camera Bookmarks’ (1-0) will let cycle through spawn points quickly (manually).

If interested, look in the top level Editor toolbar, and hit the down arrow to bring up the dropdown menu for Play (the Play button drop-down is same top level toolbar as Marketplace / Settings / Blueprints / Cinematics / Build / Play / Launch in the editor etc).

In the Play dropdown there’s 2 options Spawn Player at ‘Current Camera Location’ or ‘Default Player Start’. You can use Camera Bookmarks to keep 10 locations handy. To set the Camera Bookmarks, click the down-arrow in the level Viewport, then click on the Bookmarks sub-menu. If you need more than 10, there’s a marketplace plugin…

this solution works for me cant believe I hadn’t noticed it before. Still think having a specific player start selected to spawn from when hitting play would be a good idea, but this is sufficient for me. How do i mark you as solving the answer so I can see your name on the livstream

No worries dude, there’s no credit anyway, (only AnswerHub)…
Not sure why, maybe its so Epic don’t have to read the forums… :stuck_out_tongue: