Start on linux.

I’m linux exclusive user and I’m curious is it hard to program on linux. There is no tutorials for linux only for mac and windows.

It’s definitely not up to par with the Windows and OS X experience yet, but there’s progress being made.

You’ll want to start here to get the engine running.

Once you have the engine built, you might want to look here for a more general overview of using UE4 on Linux.

You’ll also need a code editor, whether that is vim/emacs or a full blown IDE such as QtCreator is up to you. If you’re not sure, go for QtCreator.

Good luck!

Very thanks.One more question why clang is used on linux when gcc is default for linux is there any meaningful reason ?

I don’t know why Epic chose to use Clang, but in my experience Clang produces better output and easier to understand warnings and errors. And it’s generally faster, but I haven’t compared on a large codebase such as UE4 myself.

It’s also designed from the start to be easily accessible from within other applications. GCC not only doesn’t work that way but the maintainers fight tooth and nail against moving in that direction.

In addition to being a pretty nice compiler by now, clang is also what Apple uses these days, so choosing clang means that they have to support one fewer compilers.