Start Menu with the level in background

Hi all,

It might be pretty straightforward to do I reckon…

What I’d like to have is my game logo, alongside a message prompting the player to press start, with a portion of my level being played in the background.

I’m pretty sure that both the logo and prompt messages will have to be handled with widgets (already the case in my first attempt of creating a static menu), I’m not sure what I should do for the level shot I’d like to have in the background.

Do I need to use Level Sequence?

I’d love to have some guidance on this. :slight_smile:

Sorry if this has already been asked in the forum, and thank in advance for the help!

The movie part can be handled automatically by Unreal, check out “Movie” in your Project Settings.

Regarding the menu with your level in the background I guess it’s basically a Camera in your game level. You just don’t spawn any “Character” for your Controller and instead you focus the view of your camera.

Hi Yun-kun,

Thanks a lot for your input and helping out a newbie. :slight_smile:

OK, so does it mean I need to create a new level for my Start screen with the portion of the level I’d like to show, or should I just create a camera in my level?

I’d recommend doing that, I mean you could use the level but would mean the level logic would be running easier to control it if you copy the level and remove the logic

Hi Inph1del, thanks for the input!

OK so I guess I’ll try the following:

1/ create a duplicate of my level
2/ remove all the logic and make sure to not spawn any character in it (I’m not sure how to do this tho)
3/ create a camera in this level? This means creating a Level Sequence, right?

I would recommend making a separate player character and controller for menu ie bp_menuplayer. Wouldn’t. Set up its camera and if you want it floating somewhere make sure you disable its gravity. In the bp_menucontroller you can ensure you can leave empty of moving controls but use its begin play to start loading in any widgets etc you will need for your menu.

Inph1del, thank you very much for the tips. :slight_smile: Will definitely try this out!