Start menu 4.5 - 4.7 in blueprint

Hello I am complete novice but have made a walking environment as I come from an architectural 3d background. I have not seen a tutorial for a start menu to work in blueprint 4.5 on-wards when packaging for windows. UMG - Unreal Motion Graphics - UE4 :- this tutorial does not work (unless i am doing something wrong). There are projects like swing ninja, platformer game and shooter but I am new so cannot see how the menu works. If any body have a link or could post an example in blueprint. thanks

I’m sure you know how to surf the internet, but I just went to YouTube and searched for what you wanted and here we are: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - UMG - Basic Menu - YouTube

I think I have tried this tut as well, its when I go to package the project as a PC build the menu doesn’t show but in a new editor window or standalone game it does. 4.4 and before have different node structures in blueprint. But will read the comments below and see if there is an answer there. I have managed to get a pause and quit to work. But no harm in trying it again. May have left something out.