Start game (packaged) in fullscreen mode

Hi there,

I tried this in a way I found in an older forum post, but it doesn’t seem to work: How can I force my game to start in fullscreen mode when launched by the user? This is what I tried:

I created a file named “DefaultGameUserSettings.ini” in Unreal Projects\MyProject\Config and put in this code:


This does not seem to have any effect on the game’s behavior, it still starts in windowed mode.

Is there a better way for UE 4.10.4 ?

Hello newnexo.
You can run an comman console from blueprints when you start the game up put in the first map that opens an console command Example: r.setRes 1920x1080f

That won’t do. Firstly, it just sets the resolution to FullHD and doesn’t take care of the computer’s screen resolution. Secondly, this still results in a windowed mode with a window bar on top.

You can use the GetSupportedFullScreenResolutions node to get the resolution from the monitor it self, and if you put the f at the end it should be fullscreen not windowed.
If it is still windowed can you see me the code?

Hey, that sounds promising. But - to be honest - I’m still a newbie to UE, so I am still quite weak with blueprints. Could you give a closer description of which blueprint to use, or ist there a tutorial?

You need to put that file in your packaged game, not in the editor project.

As of 4.11 / 4.12, I believe games start in fullscreen by default anyway.