Start game in native resolution

This is probably very simple but I have yet to come across an answer to this.

I want to set the resolution, as soon as the game starts, to the native resolution.
So for example, my resolution is 1920x1080, I want it to start in 1920x1080. If someone’s resolution is 1024x768 I want it to start in 1024x768.

So I thought, on start, I create an Execute Console Command ‘r.setRes (resolution)’, but then I need the resolution. So how do I detect the resolution of the computer the game is running on?

I saw some questions related and those people got as answer “get viewport size”, but when I do that I get weird sizes like 1930x1110, since it’s the viewport size and not the native resolution…

Hope someone can help!

Hi Serellyn, I’ve also been trying to figure this out but I don’t think there’s a native blueprint method to do this. Atleast I haven’t come across anything in the forums or answer hub that has come up with a solution with this.

What I’m currently trying to do is to use Rama’s Victory blueprint plugin to get all the resolutions supported by the adapter and take the highest resolution. I’m assuming the highest resolution thus obtained is the native resolution of a system. I might be wrong on the last part, so feel free to correct me. But if it’s true it’s giving the expected results in my project.

You can find the plugin and instructions for adding it here:!&p=26535&viewfull=1#post26535

Thank you for your answer Stormrage. However I would advise you to re-consider your approach. Most of the time the highest supported resolution is indeed the native resolution. However, take my computer for instance. My native resolution is 1920x1080, but my adapter supports op to 4K. Imagine what your game would look like on my computer :wink: Everything would be way too small to read.

Anyway, thank you for the link to Rama’s blueprints, a list of the supported resolutions is much welcome!

Yea I’ve tested that. Even my GPU supports more than 1080p, but the way his plugin works, I think he’s getting the resolutions that can be set in the monitor taking gpu support into account as well. Only resolutions upto 1080p are shown in my system. So I’m guessing that we won’t have to worry that it will go to 4K unless the monitor supports it.