Start datatable reading on specific line on load?

See I have found more than a few answers on this question but nothing I seem to do really sets it on the way I want it to, it is more than likely entire my code’s fault, but I figured I should post this here and ask you nice folks if what I am doing makes sense in your minds.

What happens is once save is called, it puts that all in a save slot, specifically the information I have saved and the line of dialogue the game should be on.

Below, is how it should set that. Takes the saved info, and then parses it into the game’s current information. In my mind, this should then find the current row, in the specified data table(script), start that data table reading, set the name of the player, and then continue on from there with play line.

Using prints, I can confirm that all of these DO get set, but it moreso seems that whenever i call a new data table, it restarts it from the beginning.

So I figured I should ask, does this code look sound? Would it seem the issue is in my back end where I grab all of my info, do am I going about setting and reading from data tables?

Appreciate any words, even if it’s ‘youre on your own for this one’.

That’s actually building upon how I called it, I suppose the process might have skipped my mind

Im going to work on this and get back to you, but i have a feeling this might work!

Hmmm, ya I have been messing around with it a bit and I unless I am misinterpreting the above code, I can’t seem to make it work.

Sorry for being so late on the response, here is what I mean by rowname and such.

I essentially want to get the index of the row (the current row int I showed) and continue reading the data table from that, on a load.

Since I successfully captured the information, my goal is to just parse that info in.

Structure in case that helps as well

Ignore this

I somehow spend an hour working with this code and realized that I forgot to plug in a single piece that tied the whole thing together

Make your first reply an answer, as it actually did exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for the help once again, I appreciate it very much!

this should then find the current row,
in the specified data table(script),
start that data table reading,

We can’t see it in the screenshot above. Perhaps show us how you query the DT and how you’ve structured it; specifically what you are using as Row Name.

While you can convert awkwardly (top) if Row Names are numbers:

It’s more elegant to treat the DT as an array (bottom) - here we don’t care what Row Name is.