Start Camera Fade + Set timer

Hello guys, it’s me again.

I’m still workin’ alone and learning some point, but I must be bad.

So, I’m calling for some help, again. I’m trying to understand a thing about the function “Set Timer…”

Before, on an another version of UE, there was “Set Timer” only. And it worked pretty simply… Now it require a function name OR an event…

Actually, my blueprint (On a Trigger Box) look like this (Link below)

As you can see, it’s pretty simple.

When you overlap the Trigger Box, the camera start to fade in, there is a timer for letting the fading operate completely then… You open a new level… Except, it doesn’t work. The player is teleported instantly and the fade in doesn’t show up (Or like 0.1s…)

My problem is : I want to use the Set Timer by Event… But my Event is “Event ActorBeginOverlap”. I don’t want anything else, not an another function or whatever. I just want that simply task. You overlap the trigger, the fade-in pop-up, the timer is setting, and here yago, open a whole new level.

Actually, ther’s a lot of tuto about fade with matinee or umg tricks. But this way is never mentionned. Dunno why.

Thanks a lot by advance.

Probably the easiest thing there is a Delay node. Just replace your timer node with a Delay node set to .5 seconds. That should work.

If you need to make it an event for the timer, just add a Sequence and to your BeginPlay node and put just the fade event behind the last pin and add a DoOnce node before it.