Start Camera Fade not working

Hello everyone!

I have an issue making the Start Camera Fade function from Player Camera Manager work. I have the following setup.

A simple map with few Paper2D sprites. I am using a custom Game Mode and a custom Pawn class which holds the camera in Orthographic mode (none of them interact directly with the camera). I am using the base PlayerController class and in the level Blueprint i have the following setup:

I’ve tried checking the ShouldFadeAudio and it works properly, the function gets called but the fade in visual effect is never happening.

I have tested this Blueprint code into the ThirdPersonExample project from the Engine and it works from the scratch when added to the level BP as I did in mine.

I would like to know if there are any further requirements in order to make the Start Camera Fade effect work???

I think the fade only runs when you press the button.
That`s only for a frame when the down press is detected.

Connect the fade to the event tick and set it true and false with the button press.

I think this is the correct answer. It worked for me. Don´t know why it´s downvoted. Thank you

You don’t have to hook it up to Tick. It might be getting called too often since if you hold down the key it gets called over and over and over again. Try hooking it into the Released output pin on your key event, that is only called once.
Additionally Have you added a PlayerCameraManagerClass to you PlayerController?

There should be an entry like this in your PlayerController: