Start awake = false does not work in child actor

When placing a actor inside a actor BP (in editor) the Physics “start awake” setting of the child actor has no effect. When setting it to false it instantly is awake anyway. This appears only be case when the main actor is spawned (as in the spawned parent actor)

Hey Davision,

I attempted to reproduce this but I couldn’t get the results you described. Here is what I did:

  • Created 2 actor class blueprints ‘BP_Actor01’ and ‘BP_Actor02’

  • ‘BP_Actor01’ was empty

  • ‘BP_Actor02’ contained a static mesh component that was simulating physics with StartAwake set to False

  • Placed ‘BP_Actor01’ into the level

  • Added ‘BP_Actor02’ by dragging it from the Content Browser to the Details panel

  • Played in Editor

Results: The static mesh component doesn’t start with physics awake. (Setting it to True allows the component to fall correctly)

Am I missing any steps?

Yea, you need to open Actor_01 blueprint and add actor02 in there and save that. Then you need to spawn actor 01 with the SpawnActor from class node.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the clarification.

I was able to reproduce the issue in 4.12.5. However, I’m unsure exactly where it was fixed but it is working properly again in 4.13.

I think it may still happen. I haven’t tried to reproduce it inside a blueprint, but the actors I have in my scene that are attached to other ones start awake in despite of having that option disabled.

I’m working in 4.14