Start Animation and Rigging Tools manually from within Maya

I’ve installed the Animation and Rigging Toolkit. However, I like to prevent it from starting with Maya from time to time, as it takes a while to load and sometimes conflicts with other plug-ins I use.

As a matter of fact, the tools are booted through the file. That means they can’t be loaded (or unloaded) from the Plug-in Manager inside of Maya, if I’m not mistaken (or just unable to read properly).

So far my solution has been to rename the file each time I don’t want the Toolkit to start. Is there another way to do this which does not involve having to restart Maya always for the change to take effect?

I’m using Maya 2015

Hi DerRazputin,

The ART tools are scripts, not a plugin, which is why you can’t load/unload them from the Plugin Manager. The adds a ScriptJob to the current session which runs the mayaTools() method whenever a new scene is opened. You could try commenting out the scriptjob setup (last line in the file), then create a Python shelf button that runs that method manually. This would allow you to only load the tools on command. However, since the tools are Python scripts, though, once they’re loaded the only way (AFAIK) to unload them is to restart Maya.

Thank you!
That’s good to know. I might try that and see if that makes any difference.
Also, as I realized just now, moving the toolset onto my SSD might also make difference, haha.