Start a timer on trigger box

Hey there, I am currently trying to make a timer that is started by one trigger box on one part of the level and ended by another trigger box. I can get the timer to end on a trigger box but I can’t get it to start from one, I tried to reverse the box that stops the timer but it never works, it always starts counting right as my level start playing instead. I’m terrible with blueprints so excuse the potentially terrible spaghetti

First picture is my gamemode blueprint where the timer is

Second is my level blueprint, its showing the trigger that successfully stops the timer, I tried to reverse this to start the timer but it didn’t work.

Tick + Delay is asking for trouble and muddies the water. Why not use an actual timer:

It’s clean, no delays, no tick, you can keep it in the Game Mode and cast if you wish, you can pull elapsed time from the handle and it will even notify you when the time is up.