Start a simple network game with third person code


I have been having a horrible time with networking in Unreal 4. I have tried the blueprint networking game and got it to run fine in the editor with two people, but can’t do it in a executable. I have tried all of the ways I can think of with the command line to no avail.

I have opened up the basic third person code for C++ now and of course, it works with two people in the editor just fine. They don’t do anything, but you can see the two people on the screen. Once again, I built a development version of the game and entered in the command line prompts to start the two games up and try to connect and don’t get anything.

Here is a link to my executable I made, all it has is the executable and the logs from my session. If anyone can try this and let me know if they can get the game running with two clients in the same game, PLEASE let me know! I think it might be something on my computer that is preventing them from seeing each other, even though I am trying to connect to my own ip address (

dropbox link is here: Dropbox - Error

Thank you!