Starship Citizen Workflow - mesh decals need an upgrade!

Hey Epic guys!

Could you please bother about a better mesh decal workflow in one of the next updates. Metalness is missing in the deferred decal material, making it nearly impossible to create results like in Starship Citizen. Also quality POM is missing. :(:(:frowning: . Even Unity3D and CryEngine have working mesh decals :-/ .

Could anybody at Epic please answer on this topic!


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agreed, mesh decals are kind of a hack anyway (as described in this thread)

I second that…again (in a groundhog day fashion)… Unfortunately mesh decals are not used much by epic in fortnite thus probably have no priority. but since the power of utilizing mesh decals is undeniable given the examples that are out there one might still hope for a more complete implementation. We do use them extensively even given the barbones state they are in and would gladly welcome metal and POM support