STARK WARS needs you!

Hey all, I am one of the original creators of the Stark Wars mod and I would like to bump it up a notch so to speak. But I need some help.

What the mod needs most atm are more models. Specifically - Armor, more vehicles (I made a Naboo Fighter awhile back but it still needs some work), more weapons, maybe even some creatures. Just imagine wild rangkor’s, or ewoks that you carry on your shoulder and they throw spears!
What it could use in the long run are some maps. I always envisioned a Hoth map, Endor, Dagoba & Tatooine that you can travel to via the corresponding biomes obelisk. IE: Snow biome takes you to Hoth, Swamp 2 Dagoba and so on.

The 2 modelers that were working on it with me, FancyFlannel (1 of the Lightsaber models, Boba Fett Helmet & EE-3 blaster) & Lanthanum (Stormtrooper armor, E-11 Blaster, Backpack, Boba Fett jetpack, X-Wing & Tie-Fighter) are both MIA.
I can do ok static models (Blasters, Lightsabers, structures) but suck at skeletal (armor, creatures) & I do not have the patience for detailed texturing so I would like to focus mainly on implementing new features and fixing up some old graphs (there’s a lot to do as I’ve learned a lot about ue4 graphing since that mod was released) while someone else does the models/maps.

I’m waiting for the next version of the devkit so I can release the final (hopefully) version of my “Tacticak Tek Armor + More!” mod at which point I will be ready to dive back into Stark Wars wholeheartedly once again.

What I would like to see most atm:

  • Rest of Boba Fett armor - gloves, pants, shirt.
  • Rebel armor/skin of some sort - Endor camo or Hoth snow suit comes to mind
  • Jedi clothing
  • Some type of transport ship that can be built upon/in. We had talked about doing the Falcon or an Imperial shuttle that you can walk inside of, fly and place items like storage, smithy, etc. Basically like an already enclosed quetz platform.
  • Creatures
  • Maps

I have a Teamspeak, a dedicated channel for Stark Wars on discord and a small (20 Players) paid dedicated server running the mod as well as a few other mods although the gametracker banner is showing it down ATM even though it’s not.
If you are interested please leave a reply or send me a PM here in the forums or on Discord. Please DO NOT Send me a steam invite unless I ask you to or it will be ignored.
Thank you.

Being an absolutely HUGE Star Wars fan, I’ve been following your mod closely. I’m really excited for where it’s going, and I’ve enjoyed using it so far. I’m not any good at 3D modeling or mapping, but if you need testing done, feedback, or ideas, let me know. I love what you’ve done so far.