Starglades, 2.5D Platformer Demo Released!

Released a small demo and trailer for a personal project, It’s a 2.5D platformer with some RPG elements for Windows PC, I hope you may find some enjoyment from it, if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Thank you.

Demo link

The player must learn new abilities to defend innocent domains from deletion, traveling through dark and whimsical landscapes, solving puzzles, and overcoming hostile obstacles to reach this goal.

The aesthetic and story of Starglades is influenced by early generations of webcomics, flash and Gameboy games, RPG concepts, and is planned to be suitable for all ages.


This demo includes story and gameplay levels with a minor quest, currency, skill, companion, and interaction systems. The player can purchase and discover over four different abilities using currency and story progression. Most abilities consume mana with their own strengths and weaknesses, likewise with companion;s basic and upgraded powers.

This game looks really amazing, good job. Have you thought about doing ports to consoles like the Switch? I feel like it would be perfect on the switch

Thanks for taking the time to be so kind Sean, would love to do something like that, unfortunately I do not see it happening in the near future.

Hey Zenrok, I really like the environments. The protagonist sprite isn’t consistent with the rest of your art direction, however. Are you currently using placeholders or any specific assets that come with Unreal Engine? The logo itself was beautiful and I really like the environments. They remind me a lot of Paper Mario and capture that gorgeous storybook vibrancy. I’d love to be able to demo your project on Twitch one of these days.