Stargate kawoosh effect

Hello! I am trying to achieve something like this .

Is it possible to do it in UE4 or should i do it as an animation in 3D program? (Is it even possible to import non-skeletal animation into UE4?)

Can you give me some of your thoughts?


You could try to do something like that with tessellation (Unreal Engine 4 - Basic DX11 Tessellation Tutorial - YouTube) in your material. Otherwise use an animation or morph targets :slight_smile:

Is UE4 supporting animations without skeleton?

As far as I read it’s not supported directly, but with 4.8 there is a new tool -> Vertex Animation Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation

Take a look at my little Stargate project. It´s not perfect, but works.

I have accomplished it with morph targets, but my mesh is invisible when i look at it from certain angles, and at some angles it flashes (0.1 sec i can see it, other 0.1 sec i can´t). Does anybody have experience with this?

Would be easier to demonstrate it with a video and show us your material set up.

-It could be caused by backface culling -> enable “two sided” in your material or make your mesh “solid” (in your 3d program
-or that the normals are facing the wrong direction -> flip them in your 3d program :slight_smile:

It was that backface culling, thanks :slight_smile: