Starfield 3D

Hey Guys,

can you please give me hint or a good solution how to draw a 3d starfield into a texture.
Here is an example what i want to achieve and draw directly to a texture.

Can i use blueprints for this or is it somekind of dynamic material?
Would be great if someone could help me with this.

I think you can achive something like that by using particle system by emiting slowly moving dots like that depending what you really want to do, other then that you would need to make your own material (shader) thru im not sure if you will be able to make something like that using defult blocks, you might need help of custom block with HLSL code.

In this kind of issues you need to be illusionist and think out of the box, keep in mind that most importent thing is what player see not you in editor

I am the author of that blog post and I am also an UE4 user. I am happy to know that my post served as source of inspiration.