STARDROP - Sci-Fi Narrative Exploration Adventure Game Seeking Environment Artist


Project Title:

Narrative based exploration adventure game set on board a derelict space ship. The player explores the ship (STARDROP) solving environmental based puzzles while furthering the overall story-arch as well as small little side-stories.
The player uses a small arsenal of features built into the pressure suit to solve above mentioned puzzles and other uses. The game is heavily story driven and a pure single player experience.


  • Object based scanning (Instead of objects magically light up using post process effects)
  • A DataPad to locate and unlock/open doors or terminals
  • Dynamic environments that change states upon the players interactions.
  • Semi-open world level design with minimal backtracking segmented to assure a steady narrative plot. (Not simply going from A to B, there will be multiple routes or was to unlock doors to previous areas keeping backtracking minimal)

Team Structure:
Joure Visser: Project Manager, Level Designer and everything else that I can do by myself

Talent Required:
3D Environmental/prop Artist

This position would ideally suit a talented 3D artist with +1 years experience making assets for computer games and with a strong passion for Sci Fi and Hard surface modelling. You will need to be proficient within your chosen modeling suite. Have the ability to unwrap and texture your models using current standards and have a good understanding of PBR. Must be able to set your models up to be able to import into UE4. Experience with UE4 is a major plus. Your main responsibilities include:

  • Making Low Poly and High Poly models of the following:
  • Sci Fi Interior and Exterior environment - space ships and various Sci-Fi themed structures
  • Sci Fi Props. Sci fi computer terminals, machinery, furniture, etc.
  • Work in collaboration with the the project manager (me) to develop excellent Sci Fi 3D models and designs.



For further questions about the project status and other expectations please inquire either by E-mail or talk to me directly through Skype.

Skype: cantevenusemyrealname

If you want to know more about my background you can follow the link below to my portfolio:
http://Joure Visser Portfolio

Gameplay Demo Trailer (WIP)

Main Menu (WIP)

Thank you for offering. Right now I do not have the budget to hire anyone directly and am working with the grace of free sound effects and royalty free music that’s out there. I would be the last person to disagree with how important sound is in a game and am very aware of that. I will however take this opportunity to inquire about pricing for future reference for when I am able to raise the funding needed for such a commitment.

Updated the main post with additional website link to IndieDB and a new in-game Gameplay Demo Trailer.

Although I would absolutely love to be a part of the team that works on this beautiful game, I’m a concept artist and it doesn’t seem like you need one right now. Just wanted to let you know that this game looks very good in it’s current stages and I wish you the best of luck! These games are right up my alley and there just aren’t enough space-age sci-fi games out there. Hope to see this game through it’s completion.
Let me know if you are ever in need of a concept artist in the future or on any other of your projects! :slight_smile: