StarCraft 2 Mod

I’m not a dev, and I’ve never even used a dev kit before, but I’m looking for someone to help me make a StarCraft 2 mod (seriously though, why has this not been done yet already?) Imagine: You start out as a marine who crash landed on an island on an alien planet, all your gear has been destroyed. The “dinos” on the island are all primal zerg. Every few days a Nydus worm pops up and sends waves of the zerg swarm at you. Upgrading engrams leads you not to Tek gear, but to building your marine suit again. Anyone? Anyone want to make this idea see the light of day?

Because Blizzard wont sell you the models and/or give Epic rights to them.
Blizzard has a good track record of taking ppl to court for stuff, and, they are swift, and win. Using their models without paying/owning/royalty/permission will land you quickly into this situation.

But, could be a personal project, I mean only for a few people who want it and take the time to do it…