STARA PRAGA - Small flat 3d realtime archviz, moving trees & shadows and other..

Hello :slight_smile:

I just want to say…hell… yeah!
ukhm…not this song…let’s start again

I just want to show you my first ue4 project.

**Made with ue4.9.2
Inspired by your great works
Many threads from this forum was very helpful, thanks :slight_smile: **

Let me know what you think about it.

u almost got me there :3 but i am able to see that these pics arent real at all :3
Look at the last pic, there are way to small shadows in front of the bed.

Ok, I thought that, the last one is the best :smiley:
Thanks for reply.

I know… there’s a lot of things to improve, but this project for me is something like a milestone.
It’s finished and I’ll be working on new and better scene soon.

I’m no expert, but it look awesome !!!

Looking forward your next project :slight_smile:

Fantastic work!

loving it! keep up !!! :o