Star Wars Racer Remake

Hello everyone,

(I hope it’s the right place to post it, it’s my very first post, I do not know very well)

here’s my last personal project on which I work since about 10 months, during my free time and after my work ^^ ’
at first it was only an exercise to learn the basics of Unreal Engine, but it went a bit too far …
In my madness I tried to recreate a demo version of the game star wars pod racer released in 1999 on Arcade, N64 and DREAMCAST <3
It is still very far from perfect (animation, optimization …) and I still have a lot of things to learn
but the game is playable and we can control the Anakin pod on the map Mos Espa, Tatooine.
I thank the EU4 community and Epic Games for the amount of tutorials and shared guides.

Artstation :

Youtube Trailer :

Youtube Gameplay :

Modeling : maya, zbrush
Texturing : substance Designer/Painter, Ps
Rigging : maya
Animation : maya
Programation : UE4 blueprint, C++
FX : UE4, Ps

PS: it’s my first step with an unreal engine, and in the video game … do not be too hard with me ^^ ’