Star Wars MC - DC-15S Rifle Mod!

The newest member of the Star Wars Mod Collection, the DC-15S Rifle Mod joins the Recalling fray!

Watch the Mod Showcase for this mod below!

DC-15 carabine by ForkyForklift on Sketchfab

  • Description -

The DC-15S, Assault Rifle of the Army of the Republic, was a BlasTech Industries firearm created and used primarily by the Clone Troopers during the age of the Clone Wars in the Star Wars Universe. It was a compact, modular firearm, capable of firing plasma bolts at a fairly high speed. It could also be added to, with modular attachments and new modes such as a grappling hook and a stun shot being commonplace among the Clone army. Now, take it into Metropolis to battle a new type of Battle Droid: the TAL-9!

This mod features:

  • Pistol Class Override
  • New Reload System (4 reloads total)
  • 100 shots per magazine
  • Cyan plasma bolts
  • Authentic Sound Effects
  • Trigger Animations
  • LED Magazine Panels
  • Short Distance Force Grabbing

This was a lot of fun to make! I’ve always wanted the E-11 (stormtrooper rifle) and the DC-15S in this game, but good, high quality models of both weapons are so hard to come by, so it had never been attempted until now! Thanks to Forkyforklift on Sketchfab for the incredible model, it looks AMAZING in RR. Can’t wait to see all of your comments on this one!

To learn more about the creation of this mod, check out my Behance profile -…The-DC-15S-Mod

  • Downloads -

V1 -

V2 -

  • Patch Notes -

V1 - Release Version!

V2 - Major upgrade! Now fires laser bolts instead of bullets, which I have made cyan blue in color, to match the color of clone trooper lasers. Lasers have no bounces to match Star Wars plasma bolts, instead of being super bouncy like RR laser bolts. Also, each magazine now only carries 100 bolts at a time, but can be reloaded by grabbing the magazine on the gun when empty. The RR ammo counter has been removed, but if you look at the 8 blue LEDS on the side of the magazine, 2 will turn red every time 25% of your ammo is lost!

Each gun can only be reloaded 4 times though, as Star Wars lore dictates that the power source for each rifle would run out after roughly 500 shots. After that, just grab a new one from your hips! Animations also work now, so the trigger pull looks right. More sounds added too, like the “no more reloads” sound.

Rifle Stock still non-functional.

No more reloads beep credit here -