Star Wars Force Push/Pull. Need Help with it.

I was wondering how can I get the effect of Force push/pull in Unreal Engine. Can someone help?

I have made the pull/push ability but its very basic, i will leave the condition checks, smoothness and customisation part up to you. This system is based upon the battlefront 2 Jedi push and pull ability.

First i would suggest making the ring material to show the radius for the ability, i followed this guide to make mine.

Then setup your inputs in the character class along with the functions for both abilities. Add a “Plane” to your character and set the plane material to the one you just made and set the “Plane” Hidden in game, also set it to No Collision. Add a radial force component and i will let you change the settings to suit you. for me i set the force strength to 5000. Set the plane at the bottom of the players feet for a default third person character it should be -97

You want to make the radius of the sphere trace the same size as your ability ring, for me the size was 500 but that may differ to yours.

Then for the object you want to move make sure it has simulate physics on and is set to movable.

Finally set up your inputs and functions as it shows in the attached images.

If you cant seem to move to object even with a high force strength, the problem could be that the object you are trying to move is too heavy, try setting the mass to 1KG and see if it then moves.

Change DrawDebugType to None to hide the sphere trace in game.

I hope this was able to help you, like i said this is very basic and there are a lot more things you can add to improve these abilities.

If you run into any problem let me know and i will try to help you as best as i can.

Interps and Timelines can be used to improve smoothness for pushing and pulling effects

Edits: Additional Information and updated pictures