Star Wars Fan Game

Hey Community,

It’s been a while since i’ve posted here or helped out on the AnswerHub, i’ll try and get on those asap. I’ve been busy! Anyways, in my spare time I wanted to put something together in about a month as a commemoration for Star Wars’ return.

I was debating on posting this here or not but… I figured why not? It’s a very, very simple game and you should be able to complete it in less than 5 minutes… also don’t be surprised if you find a bug or two given the development time, haha.

It was written entirely with C++ and of course the use of the editor itself. The assets came from JKA, KOTOR, Shadows of the Empire and of course Epic Games along with a few textures I did myself. If i’m slapped with a C&D oh well, not a big deal.

I thought it’d be fun to do and now I want to share it with you guys. I’ll probably release it Open Source as well or write some tutorials on it. I developed alot of the core functionality to be quite modular so that alot of what is done here can easily be transitioned into various other projects like the AI, switches and mechanisms and matinee calls.

This is by no means a complicated project but it was fun to work on since I was a little bit inspired from the new Star Wars trailers. Anyways, enjoy.

It looks good.
Make it last more 5 minutes :smiley:

You’re allowed to use assets from those games?

well as long as it is a non commercial project he can do stuff. but it still belongs to the copyrighted owner.

Thanks for clearing that up…
I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t playing something I shouldn’t.

Nope; it’s still illegal even if non commercial.
It’s safe if never released, if you only post images and videos there’s no big problem.
But if you earn any direct or indirect income from it, they can sue you. I.e: you share for free, but theres donations or ads in your site or videos or you use it to gather trafic for you kickstarter/whatever project. They can sue you for that.

If you used assets from those games you shouldn’t be making this available. They might not care since they’re older, but it could still technically be a problem.

Until this is just a test project that will get abandonned, i don’t think this will be some cpyrights problems.

I had a feeling… But wasn’t sure.

Basically you can’t share the file with anyone who doesn’t own the game the assets came from. Otherwise you are distributing assets that don’t belong to you.