Star Wars Duel

Hello! This is my new funny video commissioned by a client.


Thank you, @nikorusenov, for sharing such an incredible cinematic animation with us on the forums! The combat sequence was phenomenal, with lovely animation all around to match. Your Star Wars Duel has definitely made my Monday, and one thing is for sure; the dark side is never easily defeated. :eyes:

Quick question, did the client request this animation for a video? I understand if you cannot share that information. :grin:

Hi there @nikorusenov,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far! :slight_smile:

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a well animated video. The lighting and sound effects are also insanely well done. How long did this project take to create?

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Thank you for liking my animation. It took me two weeks to make!


Don’t mention it! Two weeks doesn’t seem that long at all and actually makes for a pretty fast turnaround, all things considered. Thanks again for sharing your fantastic animated commission with us; I hope we get to see many more as you complete them. :partying_face:

Crazy impressive project just just two weeks of work. Do you happen to have an ArtStation with any of your other art for us to look at? :smiley:

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