Star Trek Voyager Bridge Demo

I made a UE4 VR environmental demo for the Oculus Rift based on the Star Trek Voyager bridge.

There are three audio dialog cues you can find and trigger. For example walk to the center helm chair at the console in front of the giant view screen.

And of course… Press ‘e’ to fire photon torpedoes! e,e,e WIDE SPREAD FULL VOLLEY, CAPTAIN!

Press ALT-ENTER to enter fullscreen Rift mode or you can just play it normally in windowed mode. (For fullscreen without the Rift mode, open console and enter STEREO OFF)

Made in Unreal Engine 4. It runs at 60fps on my machine with a 760gtx in Oculus Rift mode.
Not sure how it will fare on other hardware.

You may need to download and install the Microsoft VC++ redistributable here.

Additional screenshots

Download demo. (~114mb)


Very cool! Now if only I had a rift to test it out with…

Are you using DK1 or DK2?

DK1. Ordered DK2 first-day, hopefully here by July. :smiley:

Beam me up man. i want to ride in the captains chair. :slight_smile:

Looks really cool! Nice attention to detail on the control panels.

Super cool! Now where is Janeway? <3:o<3

Now you need Data walking around giving you information like a tutorial AI. :slight_smile:

I’d prefer a Robert Picardo Doctor. So much snark!

:slight_smile: All these great memories.

Really looking true to life. The textures are great - I hope you end up animating the screens.


Just wanted to update that Oculus has made their updated UE4 branch available to use:

I can confirm that setting up and building their repository will give you a UE4 development environment that is updated with the DK2 sdk and projects are fully working with proper head tracking, smooth as butter. I’ve updated a few of the samples from the marketplace, shooter game is awesome on dk2, recommend trying this and updating your project to this version. It is a 4.3.1 build, so if you made your voyager project in 4.3.0 or lower you can update it to DK2 automatically by opening it with the built UE4 environment. Really looking forward to trying this out with DK2 support, can even build it for you if you want, takes 10 seconds or so to convert it into the version of the UE4 environment.