STAR SHIP The Cinematic MovieTrailer (SPACEX Elon Musk) celebrating launch of STARSHIP 15 KM HOP

[FONT=Segoe UI Historic]Hi Guys, I would like to share my latest project with you.

[FONT=Segoe UI Historic]UNREAL 4

[FONT=Segoe UI Historic]STAR SHIP THE MOVIE trailer

Inspired by developments of StarSip and spaceX celebration of the 15km hop.

I present you:

STAR SHIP the movie - a Unreal Cinematic short.

I have tried to approach this as close as possible to a cinematic in Unreal trying to achieve a movie cinematic atmosphere how it would look on Mars.

I strongly wanted to push my self using my own created assets in combination with Quixel Megascans assets/surfaces. The model textures are done with QuixelMixer.

Enjoy and support me:-) Thanks for the artist/people that helped me out during this project.