Star force

Hi to all,

This is a Star Wars spin-off project. Since we are never going to see (and play) remakes or sequels to the famous SW series of space simulations like Tie Fighter and X-Wing, I wanted to do my own version of them. My goal was to make it exactly as if you would play the SW (the original) movies. Very similar in lighting, style and general atmosphere. The game is set in universe similar to the SW as it is artistically inspired by it. This universe could be a sort of parallel SW universe if you will. So, ships, fighters, vehicles and sociopolitical setting could be similar as well…but not quite the same.

This is pre-pre-pre-alpha testing WIP stage, just to see how everything would feel and work (so, no texture work, just rough draft design models). Video is captured in real time in Unreal Engine 4. This is one really, really (really) great engine. I was quite pleased with the overall performance of it, because I could make movie-like atmosphere, to be realistic and yet to have that stylized lighting. It is quite capable and versatile engine. There are few glitches in the video, however they are made by a video capture software for some reason (mini-game performed flawlessly, even as it was not optimized).

Everything in this video (except laser blast sound and music) is original (made/designed) and it is inspired by the SW original movies.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I love the art style and it captures the Star Wars Vibe Quite well :smiley:

That said - I would love to see capital ship battles

That would be nice to have. Well at least from the fighter combat perspective. Ive imagine it that player will be able to choose faction from the start. So basically you’ll have 3 intertwined story lines - Insurgence (rebels), Empire and pirates/bounty hunters. Big battles with capital ships would be nice to have in any case :wink:

I’m not seeing a video, was it removed?

Nope. I can still see it here.

Here is the link just in case :wink:

I see it now, for some reason it wasn’t showing on my mobile. This looks pretty cool, I’ve always wanted a proper space battle Star Wars game. Battlefront 2 was the closest I’ve got to enjoying that experience. Keep it up! Hopefully Disney doesn’t take issue with this. =)

NICEEEEEE ! Would love to see more work and some star wars ships :smiley: Maybe you can make a fanmade game? A Legacy era( Legacy era | Wookieepedia | Fandom ) game would be great :slight_smile: Are you making the models?

Because this is original project and only inspired by SW, I cannot use any of the SW ships nor anything else from that universe :wink: For this demo I just did a rough-draft-design ship models, but no final hi-quality work yet. It was more important to me to do the test and see if this would work and how it would perform when played. I’ve made/designed 13 more ships that are not currently in this demo. :slight_smile:

Holy **** I want this. It looks great.

I am a big fan of old space sims like X Wing and Tie Fighter. X Wing Alliance was a great experience too. This reminds me those days. Keep going! It does sure look nice!

So do I! At this stage its demo only. If I manage to find some fundings, maybe it will go somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: Because of its complexity, this is the project that can’t be done by just a few people - it needs full blown production I might say. :wink:

Hello VMBlast, this looks great. I am trying to do a similar project for the Wing Commander Series (mostly just trying to teach myself UE4, as I have no prior knowledge). I was wondering how you made your laser blasts as mine all seem to get unwelcome vectors, that have a tendency to not shoot straight.