Star Citizen M50 retextured in UE4

A project I started working on when the Infiltrator demo was released. The model is from the RSI holo-viewer and the textures are from random places on the internet:p

If anyone’s interested, here’s a 4K wallpaper version of the last image(Not sure if anyone but me’ll ever use it)

Brilliant job. :slight_smile:


Thanks, glad you like it:)

Wow, beautiful! The lighting and texture is awesome.

Looks like Roberts might want to make a move away from Cryengine…

Seriously speaking: I hope not. UE 4 doesn’t offer double precision floating points that Roberts and his team need for their game. Generally speaking, the coordinate system in UE 4 is quite poor, accuracy drops quite fast.

That would be really bad, they would have to modify the source code a lot before it would work for them, it would take years longer to get out, and the graphics in CE are already much better then UE4. Thanks for your comment though:)

Neither did Cryengine, AFAIK, until CIG added it.