Standing Up after Ragdoll IK rig problem


I’m want to implement standing up after ragdoll based on the stream- Animation Pose Snapshot | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube and similarly to the commenters i have a problem in the physics asset bit (around 20th min.). I looked up some recommendations and the ALS system and changed the Set Simulate Physics node to Set All Bodies Below Simulate Physics with pelvis and added the Kinematic type body to the physical asset. Unfortunately the additional IK rig is falling down preventing me from success (vid. 1). If i leave the normal Sim Physics node the IK Rig stays, but the ragdoll gets all shaky (vid.2). How can i prevent the IK rig from falling, similarly to ALS (vid.3)


ok so instead of adding the body to physics asset as told in the stream i added an attachment to capsule and transformation correction and it works out. nice. Now it’s time to introduce some standing up montages.


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