"standard" rts setup rotation jitter


i have more or less standard dedicated server rts setup, with point and click controller. By this i mean the following character non-default variables are set:
-use controller rotation yaw set to false (Character)
-orient rotation to movement set to true (Character Movement Compoenent)

The problem is that client rotations aren’t as smooth as i would like them to be. There is not finterpy feel to them, and they most of the times feel jittery. Any way to fine tune this behavior?
I tried to set rotation of the character mesh manually on the client, but it didn’t work because it seems to be fighting with something.
I’m really only looking for suggestions on how to improve the smoothness of this rotation on client.

This is the video i made. There are two aspects of the problem. One is the rotation jitter described above. The other is the acceleration/ deceleration jitter connected with idle/walk/run blend. I partially managed to fix the jitter connected with idle/walk/run blend by finterping the client velocity.