Standard "debug.log" and clickable console messages

An extremely convenient feature in Unity is whenever a message, warning or error pops up on the console you are able to click it and it will take you to where that message, warning or error came from.

Also, repeated messages should have a stack(collapse) option and the output log should wrap text . . . most of us don’t have 50 inch monitors.

I feel these should be standard with any development software and should be added. I’ve been using Unreal for a bit now and it seems to be suffering from feature creep. Or, too many features of too little quality.

Thanks for reading,

Grouped output log messages would good. As well as clickable “links”, +1!

Hello eliot2,

You should be able to see any errors/messages that have this type of functionality in the Message Log (Window > Developer Tools > Message Log). The same errors that are shown in the output log and console are displayed here with links that can take you to where the error is.

I hope this helps!