[standalone] xoio winter chalet scene

hello world!

well - after some time of elaboration we *finally pushed our winter-chalet as a standalone onto our server for free download. have a look :slight_smile:

we tried out a lot of stuff there, also a little surprise (hint: pull the red star) :DDD

have fun!

here to download:

old video:

(our 2014 christmas-card generated from that - slightly photoshopped)


Congrats, it is an awesome work as always Lasse and team.

I havn’t managed to get it to work with the Rift

Outstanding demo!!! This is my kind of architecture and design. I love brutalism. Is this a Xoio design Lasse? I wish I had the rift right now to test it out.

Epic is still looking for complete scenes to put in the arch-viz marketplace…just sayin :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow !!! :smiley:

Is there a video that is more recent ? This one is dated from the end of 2014.

no, unfortunately not; there is one playing in loop when you start the scene :slight_smile:

Great project and video!!
Looking forward to see more from you guys :wink: We need more top viz studios pushing the limits of UE4.

i surely believe the limits of UE4 are not even touched yet :slight_smile: i am very happy to see the vineyard competition over at Ronen’s is attended quite well - pretty sure lots of great output (and input) will be generated! Some top guys are there as well!

haha :slight_smile: yeah, it is our “design” if you want to name it so; after we are failed architects designing weird houses in 3d apps is all what is left :stuck_out_tongue:


Lasse, do you think Real-time viz is something XOIO is going to be asked to do more in the future? Have you already seen a demand for it? or are you trying to sell RT or even VR to your current/future clients? or is it just a fun side business/hobby at the moment? Sorry for all the questions. I really can’t wait to see what you guys are doing for Vineyard!!! Keep it up.

This is so cool… Nice work!

sorry for not replying quickly :slight_smile:

well, tbh there is not such a big of a demand - but the clients we offered/showed it where really amazed! but they did not even know about things like this existed. i guess this is the main challenge: to create the market by telling people what is actually possible. i guess when things like oculus rift and the likes are more common to everybody this might also evolve stronger - and/or when today’s kids who are used to “new media” grow up and get in contact with architecture/real-estate.

btw: here our final entry for the vineyard

cheers :slight_smile: